Our Steel Waifu Cards

You've seen sexy Pokemon cards, but you've never seen anything like these. We've combined the luxury of metal Pokemon cards and the allure of waifu cards, in order to create sexy metal trading cards. They're made of stainless steel and coated in screen printed illustrations.

Our metal cards come in two varieties: Standard and Special Edition. Both share the same dimensions as an official Pokemon card and feature vivid screen printed illustrations. However, Standard have etched logos on their backs, where as the backs of Special Edition have another printed illustration.

There are no other sexy Pokemon cards like our Special Edition cards. Not only are they metal, but there's an image on each side. One side is SFW while the other is NSFW. If you're cheeky, you could slip them into your trade binder, and no one would know they're lewd Pokemon cards. So if you've been shopping for some really unique waifu cards look no further, because you won't find these elsewhere.

  • ☼【True to size lewd Pokemon cards】: 3.5*2.5in/88*63mm. Single card weight: ~0.6 OZ
  • ☼【Custom nude Pokemon cards】: These are unique metal novelty cards you cannot buy anywhere else.
  • ☼【Great birthday or holiday gift】: Have an otaku friend who can't get of enough of their favorite waifu? These sexy Pokemon cards are the perfect gift for the more cultured among us.

Each card will be shipped in a penny sleeve and then secured into its own individual 35pt toploader. We will do everything we can to ensure your order arrives safely at your doorstep.

There may be natural, minor scratches on your metal Pokemon cards which is part of the engraving/buffing process.