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Cosplay Party Pika Party!

Cosplay Party Pika Party!

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These stainless steel tokens are not tournament legal; they do not have trade value within the general TCG community.
They are collectible art works for enhancing the look of your trade binder or to be used as extravagant tokens/proxies during game-play.

☼【Card】Single card Size: 3.5*2.5in/88*63mm. Single card weight: ~0.6 OZ.

☼【Best Metal artwork】This card is made of an extremely sleek and high quality golden metal material.Laser engraved designs.

☼【Best Holiday Gift】: Your kid will jump with joy when you surprise them with our metal golden plated cards.

Tokens will be shipped in toploaders between semi-rigid cardboard to ensure you get your tokens in mint condition. No bend, no dents, no cracks.

Please be aware these metal tokens go through a buffing/finishing process. Some micro-scratches may be evident on the token. This is an unavoidable part of the process of creating these cards and giving them their luster.
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