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Sexy Pokemon Cards: Trainer Dawn (D/P)

Sexy Pokemon Cards: Trainer Dawn (D/P)

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We featured Dawn, the expert Fashionista, on these sexy Pokemon cards; she's modeling her custom Dialga swimwear. She's one of our favorite poke-waifus, so we featured her in our first collection. She's definitely more cute than lewd, so show her off in your trade binder and make your friends envious.

These sexy Pokemon cards are collector's pieces, and they're made of stainless steel. The cards' logos are etched onto their backs, but the illustrations on their fronts are screen printed on. These are, without a doubt, the most unique waifu cards you'll ever see. But it's not just their qualities which make them special.

These waifu cards are professional grade quality, because of their precise print colors and quality materials. Most importantly, the illustrations on our metal Pokemon cards feel like cardstock which makes them the best of both worlds.

Our sexy Pokemon cards are for mature audiences only.
They are NOT  tournament legal, thus these are purely novelty items.

  • ☼【True to size lewd Pokemon cards】: 3.5*2.5in/88*63mm. Single card weight: ~0.6 OZ
  • ☼【Custom non nude Pokemon cards】: This is a unique stainless steel card you cannot buy anywhere else.
  • ☼【Great birthday or holiday gift】: Have a otaku friend who can't get of enough of their favorite waifu? These sexy Pokemon cards are the perfect gift for the more cultured among us.

We ship your card securely in toploaders, so your order arrives safely.

There may be natural, minor scratches on your metal Pokemon cards, however this is part of the engraving/buffing process.

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