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Double-Sided Sexy Pokemon Cards: Professor Sada (Sca/Vi)

Double-Sided Sexy Pokemon Cards: Professor Sada (Sca/Vi)

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Introducing the latest of sexy Pokemon cards, professor Sada, the jungle waifu! There are very few waifu cards featuring her, and we are the only ones with metal professor Sada cards. She's ready to challenge you, and if you win you get a special prize.

Have you ever seen double-sided sexy Pokemon cards, because we sure hadn't, and that's why we made these. One side features safe for work artwork of professor Sada, while the other side features the not safe for work version. These are our most unique lewd Pokemon cards; they're one-of-a-kind, and they're cool to look at.

We use an improved printing technique which makes our cards richer and clearer. Plus, it makes the pictures on our metal cads feel like cardstock waifu cards; it's kind of trippy.

These nude Pokemon cards are meant for adults.
They are NOT  tournament legal, thus they are purely novelty items.

  • ☼【True to size lewd Pokemon cards】: 3.5*2.5in/88*63mm. Single card weight: ~0.6 OZ
  • ☼【Custom nude Pokemon cards】: This is a unique stainless steel card you cannot buy anywhere else.
  • ☼【Great birthday or holiday gift】: Have a otaku friend who can't get of enough of their favorite waifu? These sexy Pokemon cards are the perfect gift for the more cultured among us.

We ship your card securely in toploaders, so your order arrives safely.

There may be natural, minor scratches on your metal Pokemon cards, however this is part of the engraving/buffing process.

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