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Sexy Pokemon Cards: Gym Leaders Skyla & Elesa (B2/W2)

Sexy Pokemon Cards: Gym Leaders Skyla & Elesa (B2/W2)

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These sexy Pokemon cards offer two for the price of one, because they feature two gym leaders, Skyla & Elesa. It doesn't matter if you're into massmive mammaries or tiny titties, this pair has what you desire. Today's your lucky day, because Elesa is looking for a boyfriend and Skyla wants to help her lure one in. Are you going to take the bait?

We use stainless steel sheets as the base for our sexy Pokemon cards.  Each sheet is cut and processed to give their backs texture and smoothness where appropriate. Then replicated logos and lettering are etched into the back, and finally images are screen printed on the front. All together, this creates an experience with waifu cards which you can't find anywhere else.

We ink our waifu cards differently than other metal Pokemon cards to create more consistent image quality. Plus a bonus effect of our process is that the faces our cards feel like cardstock.

Our sexy Pokemon cards are for mature audiences only.
They are NOT  tournament legal, thus these are purely novelty items.

  • ☼【True to size lewd Pokemon cards】: 3.5*2.5in/88*63mm. Single card weight: ~0.6 OZ
  • ☼【Custom nude Pokemon cards】: This is a unique stainless steel card you cannot buy anywhere else.
  • ☼【Great birthday or holiday gift】: Have a otaku friend who can't get of enough of their favorite waifu? These sexy Pokemon cards are the perfect gift for the more cultured among us.

We ship your card securely in toploaders, so your order arrives safely.

There may be natural, minor scratches on your metal Pokemon cards, however this is part of the engraving/buffing process.

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Great cards

The service was great and the cards are pretty, I recommend this seller.

Thank you very much for the shining review, and thanks for being our first!
We are very ecstatic to have our first set of gold stars and to celebrate, we are going to send you a special, one time use coupon code which can only be used by you.

Thanks again!